Post Christmas Blues: What To Buy For A January Birthday

31 December 2016

Everyone talks about how difficult it is to have a birthday around Christmas – and honestly, for a lot of people it isn’t completely ideal! January is often quite a depressing months. Christmas is over so many of us have a strange and anticlimactical feeling about it, and the weather hasn’t started to improve yet so it feels as though we’re stuck in interminable winter. To add insult to injury, a lot of people are using January to get healthy, so they won’t want to go on a night out or for a fancy meal! But you can still buy your friends with January birthdays some great gifts. Here are some tips on what to get…

What To Buy. Skincare. By the middle of winter, a lot of people will be feeling as though their faces are a little red and raw. Chapped, sore lips and hands are common, and anything that makes people feel better will be much appreciated. Go for moisturising lotions with high SPF, or any hypoallergenic makeup for women to sooth sensitive winter skin.

What Not To Buy: Christmas leftovers. We all know that there are lots of sales after Christmas – and people with January birthdays will absolutely be able to tell when you’ve bought a cheap toiletries set in the January sales and repurposed it as a birthday present. They’ll also be able to tell if you’ve regifted something that you received for Christmas. Get a little more original than that!

What To Buy: Clothes. You can never have too many clothes, so they’re always an extremely safe gift option. If you’re not sure what size your recipient is, go for something like a zip up sweater or even knitwear, like a hat, gloves or a scarf – they’re seasonal and useful as well as a great gift. If you’re feeling more zany, click here to check out some cool shirts that you could buy for your more fashionable friends.

What Not To Buy: Food. We’ve all absolutely overdosed on food over Christmas. No one needs any more of it for their birthday.

What To Buy: A subscription box. Subscription boxes come in a lot of different descriptions, from health food to books to beauty products, and you’ll be able to find one to suit whatever friend you might be shopping for. The beauty of a subscription box is that your friend’s birthday will stretch out over a number of months, you won’t have to buy any specific gifts that they might not like, and they’ll think of your kindness and generosity every time their box comes through their door.What Not To Buy: Anything fitness related. Sure, January is the month for attempting to shed some pounds and get fit – but no one wants a birthday present that hints that they should lose weight. Your birthday is the perfect time to pamper yourself and to feel good, so think luxury and indulgence instead of fitness. Get a gift that shows your friend or family member that you love them just the way they are.

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