How To Find The Perfect Look For Every Occasion

1 December 2016

Despite the common belief that all women are born shopaholics, it just isn’t the case for many of us. While our best friends, sisters, and even sometimes, the men in our lives, can easily go into a store with no idea what they want, and come out with a full, perfectly matched wardrobe, for some of us, it’s not that easy.

We can certainly identify what looks good, but when it comes to pairing actual outfits together that can be used with multiple other items, we often fall short.

Whether it's heading to Christmas parties, or summer BBQs, there's always an excuse to hit the shops in hope of finding something amazing to wear, so we've listed some ideas for you to help you create the perfect look each time that can actually be put together without costing you a small fortune.

Makeup: when it comes to makeup, less is often more - the trick is to enhance your existing features, and not look like you're wearing a mask of products. During the warmer summer months, a tinted moisturiser or even just a touch of concealer and blusher, and a bright lip gloss will usually do the trick. Keep in mind your skin tone and look for shades that match. During winter - especially if you're going to parties and events, you can get away with more dramatic looks, such as smokey eyes, and darker shades on the lips;

Hair: if you're going to be frequenting places like the beach or just relaxing with friends during the summer, then simply pulling your hair up into a messy bun will give you that relaxed look while also ensuring your hair stays away from your skin and doesn't bother you. For a more formal evening look, you can wear it down with some bouncy curls;

Shoes: comfortable shoes don't have to be boring shoes. If you need comfort, but also want to look stylish, then a nice pair of ballerina pumps will never do you wrong - the good thing about these is, you can wear them at parities, or just for day-to-day activities as the perfect addition to your summer outfit. Of course, if you love a bit of height with your shoes, then you really can't go too wrong with a nice pair of black stilettos for a classic evening look;

Outfit: for women who love dresses, keeping it simple is best - when you do this, you'll find the perfect one to flatter your body shape. If a dress isn't really your thing, then a nice pencil skirt and top, or even a jumpsuit could be just the right thing for you. For more casual looks during the day in summer, then bright tank tops with a nice pair of shorts and some ballerina pumps are enough to give you the comfortable, dressy look you desire;

Accessories: again, with these less is sometimes more. One simple piece worn around your neck or a pair of earrings to match your handbag is sometimes all you need to pull off a complete look. Just make sure your accessories highlight your outfit and don't take away from it. For example, a necklace with a red stone in it would be the perfect addition to a black evening dress worn with red lipstick. It will give you a bright, yet subtle look.

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