When You Know He's The One - What Comes Next

24 October 2016

So you’ve had the talk. Maybe he’s down on one knee, and you know you’re going to say yes. That moment when you see the whole of your life as a happy half of a wonderful relationship feels pretty good. But it’s not long before the stress and worry of the one event that celebrates your love starts to creep in. Don’t panic. There may be lots to do, but you can get ahead of the hassles by knowing what needs to happen next.

If you’re getting engaged, chances are you’ve already picked out a ring. Perhaps you’re even wearing it. Diamonds have become the traditional gemstone of choice, but there are no rules saying it has to be that way. After all, it all came about thanks to a clever marketing campaign from a diamond retailer! Once you’re wearing the ring, you will have to announce your engagement. Visit each of the parents, pop the news on social media, or even take out an announcement column in the local rag.

One of the first things you have to do when you’re planning your wedding is to pick a venue. You may have a date in mind for your big day, but the availability of your preferred venue may force a different one upon you. Companies like Riverhouse Hospitality can take you through all the things you might need for your big event. You will need to have a rough idea of guest numbers. Some smaller venues may not be right for you if the guest list is likely to be large.

A simple wedding may require nothing more than a large space that you can decorate yourself. Friends and family might provide a buffet. Then all you need is some great music to toast. But the reception is only one part of the wedding. You need to find someone to take you through the legal marriage ceremony. They need to be licensed. In some places, the venue in which you marry will also need to be licensed. Some religious weddings may not meet the legal requirements for your local area.

The wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding for a bride. Shopping for one can be a lot of fun, or it can be quite stressful trying to find exactly what you want. You can have one made just for you. Or you can buy something elegant off the peg in a department store. Bridal boutiques usually stock dozens of beautiful dresses you can hire or buy. They usually have a tailoress that can fit the dress for you perfectly.

Finally, it’s time to decide on your vows and take that walk down the aisle. There are only a few legally binding words you need to repeat. The rest of the ceremony is up to you. You could read a poem or make up your own vows to reflect the love you have for your husband. Most venues allow you to choose any non-sacred music you like. And you can decorate your venue to be the most romantic place you’ve ever been. Congratulations.

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