Inspiration For A Memorable Graduation Celebration

6 September 2016

The vast majority of your life has been spent studying. Now you’re about to enter into the big wide world and start the journey through your career. But first, it’s time to celebrate the end of your academic career and the passing of your exams. Your Graduation ceremony could be one of the most memorable points of your life so far. You’ll feel pride and achievement like never before. So why not get in the party mood and celebrate in style?

Most schools, colleges, and universities offer a Graduation Ball or event. But these can be a little bit formal and dull. Many students prefer instead to host a huge party that lets them and their friends ‘blow off the steam’ of so many years of hard studying. If you’re thinking about hosting a big party, try adding some of these touches to make it just as memorable as the ceremony:


For a party this big it might be a fun idea to set a theme. You could make it a costume party or concentrate on the decor. Lights and decorations help to set the mood. If the party is at home, consider opening up your garden to the party too. Add some string and strip lights to illuminate the area after the sun goes down. If you have a gazebo, consider using a sheer sheet of fabric on one side and draping fairy lights down the outside of it. This creates a lovely glow to the inside.


If you’re serving drinks, why not make them a bit more fun? A big bowl of punch or a choice of cocktails can make the event a little more special. Both choices can be alcohol-free if you prefer and there are some great recipes on line to use. You might choose to have a bar and waiting staff for the night. It frees you up to spend time with your friends and helps to keep things in order a little more.


Have a look at companies like Melbourne Memories Photo Booth for ideas on how to capture the evening. The alternative is a professional photographer. But they can make guests feel uncomfortable as they pose for more formal photos. You could also use a drone to pick up some great aerial or ground level shots for a wider view of the evening. Why not stream live to YouTube or create a page on a photo sharing site?

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