Things You Will Need Immediately After Getting Engaged

31 August 2016

Getting engaged is one of the most special and magical time in our lives. Not only are we looking forward the wedding but spending the rest of our lives with our soul mate. But it can also be a hectic time too. Once the news of your engagement hit your friends and family, there are some things that you will need straight away. Read on to find out what they are.

Engagement Ring

First things first, if your husband to be hasn't yet got you an engagement ring then it's time to head to the jewelers. Being newly engaged without a ring can be pretty annoying as everyone is going to ask to see it.

The benefit of not getting your ring at the proposal is that you get to be involved in the process, and choose it yourself. That means you can get something you know you’ll love. Which is vital as you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

Plenty Of Bridal Magazines

The next thing you need to do immediately is one of the most fun things. Buy yourselves some bridal magazines to check out the latest trends in dresses and reception decorations. What is more fun than looking at all the beautiful things you have on your special day?

The time just after you have got engaged is special. This is because it's soon enough after the engagement to start looking for ideas. But not far enough into it to be bogged down by boring concerns like budgets and practicalities. So you can just let your imagination and creativity fly free. Just remember than this will have to translate to your venue and budget eventually.

Wedding Stationery

The next thing that you’ll need to get sorted is to look for some personalised wedding stationery. This is because it's now the fashion to send out save the date cards well before the wedding.

Therefore if you want all your stationery to match or be on the same theme, you will need to have it picked soon as soon as possible.

Wedding organiser

Brides can benefit from buying a wedding organiser before all of the wedding planning has started in earnest. This is a folder in which to keep all your ideas, contacts details and inspirations together.

Having everything in one place can make everything so much easier. For brides that aren't employing the service of a professional wedding planning. This can be a lifesaver.

The Obligatory Spreadsheet

Of course, no wedding planning would be complete without the obligatory budgeting spreadsheet. Starting this as soon as possible after the engagement means that you can keep a better handle on your finances through the whole process.

This is important to do because weddings are big business these days and can come with a massive price tag if you are not very careful with the figures.

Just remember than once you have set an overall budget. The more you save on each area, the more you will have to put into other things like finishing touches.

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