Picking Your Own Engagement Ring: Should You Do It?

18 August 2016

You have had a feeling for weeks that it is going to happen. Then, one night, your other half gets down on one knee and asks if you will marry them. They produce a ring in a beautiful velvet box and you're delighted, until you get a closer look and realise that although you want to marry them, you don’t like it. It is a piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing for a lifetime, so you want it to reflect your personality. So, should you get to pick your own engagement ring?

Choosing your own engagement ring is a personal decision, but one that will make you feel as though the whole process is less stressful. Of course, you want your partner to pick something that they like. But, if they have managed to get it completely wrong or they don’t have the best taste, then pointing them in the right direction is a start. You can show them a range of Diamond engagement rings and tell them which ones you prefer, or go one step further and choose your own.

You will obviously need to have an idea that your partner is going to propose first. Otherwise, you could leave yourself red-faced. However, a lot of people discuss marriage after being together for a while, so then is the ideal time to subtly but firmly let your views be known. You may be lucky enough to have a partner who knows your taste perfectly. Then you will know you can trust that they will pick the best ring out for you. Some of us are not that lucky. Our dream of a white gold and diamond ring could end up being yellow gold with a sapphire in. You get the idea.

One of the downsides of picking your own ring is you will know how much it cost. That could embarrass your other half who didn’t want to spend as much. It could also take away the romantic side of the proposal, as you’ll have a rough idea that they are planning to do it in the near future. It means you’ll be on high alert during every meal in a restaurant or mini-break that you go on. So just consider how you will feel if you know almost every aspect of the proposal. Would it make you feel as though you would feel as though the romance had been taken away from it?

There are no right or wrong answers, as the decision is a very personal one. As many people will say, it is the relationship that matters and not the ring (or who chose the ring). All that matters is that you are both happy with your decision and won’t regret it in the future. Just remember that you will be wearing the ring until the day you die, so make sure you are 100% happy with it!

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