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15 November 2015

Establishing your own online community is a common goal many share either personal or business reasons. As social media use soars in popularity so does the traffic that can be found at these sites. As a result online marketers have targeted these communities and have taken to using social networking sites as promotional platforms for their businesses. Well like in most everything else there is a right and wrong way in which to approach any social networking community with the goal to market goods and services.

Here are 3 tips on growing your online community:

One Step at a Time. A common miscue many make when using social media for business is that they attempt to work too many sites at the same time. Although this may work well for time efficiency it will not be effective! These communities are based upon socializing and this is not something you can 'outsource' or do quickly. To be effective YOU must show up and invest the time to 'win friends and influence people' in order to achieve your business goals.

It is recommended you focus on a few communities that work best for you and develop your networks there. In this way you will be more effective and will not be jumping from one site to the next which will result in much wasted time and effort.

Establish Relations First. Once again you are in a community founded for socializing and that is why most everybody frequents these sites. One of the best ways to turn people off is by immediately and continuously promoting your business. These people will only consider purchasing from you if they are familiar with and like you. Building relationships and gaining trust is not something you can do quickly but instead will require time and patience. And along those lines…

Focus on Relationships. Put away the 'numbers' mentality you bring with you thinking you need a large following to successfully promote when using social networking sites... If your focus is primarily on building a large group of followers it will be reflected in your relationship building efforts or lack thereof. Build solid and meaningful relations with those people with whom you have established contact. If your efforts are successful these same people will refer their friends and you will build a large and solid foundation for your following.

By taking the time and patience to gain followers in this manner your future marketing efforts will be much more effective and your followers will remain loyal.

Building your own online community is a tact that many online marketers are using to help build their businesses. The more that social media use began to soar the more inevitable it became that this traffic would eventually be targeted by merchants. The key to any effectiveness and efficiency when promoting within any social networking community is the approach and patience. The 3 tips offered here addressed these points and suggest that greater results will be experienced with the use of subtlety and of course as already mentioned, patience. It becomes a matter of applying your 'green thumb' to growing a network that will yield you a bountiful harvest, just do not expect it to bloom overnight!

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