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26 October 2015

Today you can never find a woman who doesn’t wear high heel shoes. Working women love to wear high heel. It makes them feel sexy and men love to wear a woman with high heel shoes. In a party wearing dress would look odd with no heel shoes or sandals, your whole outfit would definitely be a mismatch. High heels are very important not in only in corporate world, parties but also in going somewhere else.

As a woman I love to wear heeled shoes and I know most women love high heels also or if not at least once in their life they have experience buying and wearing high heels shoes in fact this has become the trend in women’s outfit. You can never find a shoe maker that does not manufacture high heeled shoes because they know the profit they will gain with this kind of shoes. Looking for cheap heels? Check out Shoespie!

This kind of shoes comes in varieties in styles and colors often are black and white, though you can also find different colors of shoes, but these two colors are the most sought after other colors. It doesn’t matter what size is your feet, you can still get high heels shoes in the market. Men love ladies in high heeled shoes. For what reason we do not know but they are attracted with it. For women this is your chance to get his attention by wearing a dress that would fit on your high heels.

Contrary to what we heard that wearing high heeled shoes is not good but actually wearing high heels has its advantages. Like for example, it makes a woman look attractive and confident. For small woman, it boosts your height. For those women who have big built, it makes them look slimmer and the legs slimmer. High heel makes a woman looks sophisticated, smart and elegant. It really builds your own personality. Buy heels for cheap here at Shoespie.

Shoespie is an online fashion shoe store with amazing boots, flats, sandals, affordable strap up heels (here), and more. If you are the DIY chic who you may want to decorate plain black stilletto. You can do so buy buying a cheap one here.

Below are different heeled shoes shapes:

1. Rounded heels. The sole is quite broad and then it becomes slimmer as the heels reaches to the ground.

Shoespie Chunky Heel Pointed Toe Low Heels Shining Fashionable Pointed-Toe Stiletto Heels With Bowtie

2. Kitten. They are sleek heels of about two inches length.

Shoespie Rivets Pointed-toe Low Heels Bowknot Decorated Solid Color Low Heels

3. Stiletto. They are the sleekest heels and the tallest also. The minimum length of heels is 2.5 or 3. Sometimes it reaches up to 4 or 5 inches.

Sexy Black Hollow-Out Stiletto Heel Sandals Shoespie Rivets Ankle Wrap Peep-toe Platform Heels

4. Wedge. Are those high heels from the front of soles to the back soles.

Charming Sexy Unique Heel Wedge Heels Shoespie Genuie Leather Metal Decoration Zipper Wedge Heels

Heel shoes are worn in almost every occasions for work, parties, bars, shopping or when visiting friend. Almost all women love high heel shoes, though there are some women who feel uncomfortable with heels, but I believe they love to wear if only they could.

Some say that heels shoes can cause back ache foot aches. Many women have experience it and I experience it also many times. But these discomforts happen because the shoes don’t fit well on our feet.

**This post was sponsored by Shoespie. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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