Botanica Science Giveaway

28 May 2015

Basically, detox means cleaning the blood. It is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification. I noticed I gained weight a lot, so recently I am trying out detox diet and it is somehow effective for me. Today, I partnered with Botanica Science and Moms Affiliate to bring you an amazing giveaway!

28 Day Detox ($59.99), Energy Berry ($19.99), Global Canvas Tote Bag ($19.99)

You and a friend can try our organic 28 day supply of detox tea filled with 14 amazing fruits, herbs, and tea. Skinnytox consists of a morning energy tea you drink before breakfast, followed by an evening herbal detox tea you drink before bedtime. It's a great way to lose water weight, reduce bloating, detox your colon, naturally boost your energy, and support your metabolism.

Plus, you can bring home the global canvas tote bag! It is a environmentally friendly, reusable canvas bag used to haul heavy or light loads in style. Whether you are headed to the beach, a weekend food market or another continent, the Botanica Science Global Tote was made to withstand whatever you can throw at it. The simple, modern design includes the countries from around the world where we source our tea ingredients.


"NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" 18+ US, Canada and UK only! Contest starts 05/22/2015 and Ends 07/31/2015 11.59pm EASTERN. Entry options: Custom Entry Option, Visiting Fan Page. Prize: Botanica Science Tea. "The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning." Winners have 7 days to claim their prize. If potential Prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded, at the advertisers sole discretion. All prizes will be awarded. is responsible for prize disbursement and not Moms Affiliate or this hosting blog.

Let's party rocking x 304#

26 May 2015

304# clothing was created by 3 friends who met at University and made their own vest for the music festival Parklife, in the summer of 2012. It all began by simple cut out letters in felt, transferring them onto vests to design their own American culture inspired slogans. From here, the journey began.

Honestly, I was very in love with 304# clothing. The simple yet never outdated designs caught my attention. Just check out the beauties below. Now that's what I call "lust list".

K crop raglan // £25.00

Sunset // £25.00

1985 // £25.00

Wanderlust // £40.00

East coast // £40.00

College 3 white // £25.00

College 3 navy // £25.00

Just keep swimming

These past few months I've been keeping fishes as pets and I am so liking the hobby. One day, I just started to buy 2 fishes from a local pet shop. I have a small 3.5 galloon aquarium on hand that has not been used for many years. Instead of letting the aquarium sit in a dark corner of a room and let the dust took over for more years, I took it up, cleaned it, and revived it.

One mistake I did was, I just placed the fishes immediately after I filled it with water. Not knowing that this is bad for the fish. This is a beginner mistake. After a night my other fish "drowned" (or should I say died).

I was very determined to keep an aquarium as a hobby so I started researching online on setting up the tank. Here are just some of the tips I learned:

  1. First and foremost, you should properly set up your new aquarium before buying a fish from the local pet store. How to properly set up a new aquarium? Click here.
  2. Cycle the tank before introducing your fish friends to its habitat. This will prevent unnecessary loss or death. Know how to cycle your tank here. This is very necessary when setting up a new tank.
  3. Research if you are planning to keep a fish.
  4. So you bought a fish and most probably you took them home in a plastic bag. Oopps! Don't put the fish right away in the tank. Letting your newly bought fish jumped straight in your tank might just kill your little friend. You should acclimate your fish first. Learn how here.
  5. Do a weekly water change. Imagine living in an aquarium where you eat, pee, and poo for the rest of your life. You don't want that do you? Doing a weekly water change will prevent your fish from getting prone to diseases and death. 10% - 15% weekly water change is necessary. Do keep in mind that 100% water change is absolutely a big no-no.
  6. Never use a soap or detergent when cleaning your aquarium.
  7. If you are planning to keep more than just one variety of fish, you should know what fishes are compatible with each other. You don't want to know that your fish is being bullied yeah?
  8. And lastly, keeping a fish requires a lot of patience.
I am not pro in the aquarium hobby but this is worth sharing to prevent any beginner mistakes, which I was guilty when it was my first time too.

Worth a thousand words x Minted

22 May 2015

"A picture is worth a thousand words." - In a picture you can reveal miracles forgotten about. There is a beauty in pictures. A picture can be a reminder of better time and can make you smile; a picture is a gift to someone. A picture says a thousand words you could not. (Source)

Minted is a gorgeous art and design site I am addicted to recently. I can't keep my eyes off their products. Everything was such a beauty that I wanted to splurge all my money on the beautiful pieces I found. And below are just some of my picks.

This photo is just perfect! It is just so inviting and at the same time, it is mysterious. It makes me want to visit the place myself. This is such a beautiful photo.

This watercolor painting reminds me of Japan's cherry blossoms which represents the fragility and beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short.

The vibrant and bold colors of the peacock feather captured my eyes. This is indeed modern, fresh and chic.

I am so in love with this drawing. The intricate structural details, the design, everything leaves me in full awe.

Deer Mr. Buck is sporting a dashing non-typical rack with his points reaching up, down and out. This watercolor illustration is inspired by the beauty and surprise of the created world.

I love the soft and fresh colors of this photograph. There was so much beauty in this picture that I can not take my eyes of it.

Check out the whole Minted art collection here.

Fly away from here

20 May 2015

I haven't had any chance to blog about this yet... After many years in college, I finally made it! I just graduated last week and indeed time really flies fast. It seems like it was just only yesterday that I finished high school and yet, here I am now, I finally finished my degree in college.

Yes, I got excited about the graduation. When that big event came, I was only happy for a moment. That moment when I was dressed in a toga and I was seated together with my batch mates. I was happy. I was. For that moment.

That very same day, when the program was over, my happiness turned into uncertainty. I am on my own now and I don't know where to go next from here. I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. I'm sure someone who's reading this post right now might think I am an idiot. Of course, I should find a job and work my ass from here.

There is still too much pressure that I can't handle and I think it would be just a matter of moment then I am going to explode. See, I got this pain in me for a long time. That grudge builds up years and years and years and I can't take it off no matter what. It is still inside me and I don't know why it's been staying with me for a very long time. I am happy for a second then I am not the next.

I wish I was a bird, so I could fly. Fly far away from here.

Days of Summer x Choies

17 May 2015

It's about sizzling hot outside and we're trying to figure out how to keep cool during hot days. Simple, drop off the thick clothes. Wear a light-colored clothing and keep the cool on. Thankfully, CHOIES has a wide range of summer collection outfits and will provide you an extra ventilation. The boho chic look is so in during the summer and here is my top boho summer picks!

Tam-Awan Village: A Garden In The Sky

16 May 2015 Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Today, the boyfriend, together with his family, and I went to Tam-Awan Village. Getting there was very tricky. We got a little lost along the way. Thanks to the boyfriend who argued with the GPS.

Tam-Awan is located at the outskirts of Baguio City. It is an artists' village and it is rich with Cordilleran culture. It was not my first time at Tam-Awan. I've been there before. We had our school field trip way back when I was in the second grade. Before, the entrance was just a little hut, and everything around the compound is pretty much the old Cordilleras. And the whole mountains was surrounded with a pretty dense fog. Now, a little "modernization" occurred. I didn't even recognized the "new" Tam-Awan. It is still worth a visit though.

With a minimal entrance fee you can enjoy the Igorot huts, mountainous view, nature, fresh air, an adventure trek, art galleries, art installations, and more.

You can be a Cordilleran for a day. There are Cordilleran costumes for rent and/or sale. You can even rent a hut for a night or depending on your stay.

If you were lucky, you will even have the chance to watch the Tam-Awan Cordillera Dancers perform right before your eyes and you can join them during their dances.

The paintings are just so incredibly awesome!

And this art is done with the power of a sun - sun painting.

And more art and culture...

Don't forget to buy a souvenir at their souvenir shop. Or if you want a painting by famous Cordilleran artists, you can buy it. And oh, please keep the grounds clean. I was a little disturbed when I saw trashes around the area.

And now a photo opp with the boyfriend. :)

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